Writing a character reference to the judge

This is very important and carries a great weight especially if coming from an employer. Friend — friends can give the courts a familiarity with the accused. If possible attend Court. Social or Community Character Reference If you are involved with any sought of community organisation, association or club such as a sports club or church or charity then this can be a great place to obtain a character reference from.

It must be written to appeal to the court and be able to persuade a judge on specific issues regarding your case. In this example, you might provide two short anecdotes: How long you have known the person.

A letter asking for a reduction of bail should illustrate how the alleged crime runs contrary to the defendant's customary behaviour. A character reference from an employer is highly regarded by courts.

Spell that out to the Judge. Again, the defence attorney is the best source for accurate information. A character reference in support of a drink driving offender will not set out the same details as for an assault charge.

Explain that you are aware of the specific offence that has been charged against the defendant. You may submit as many character references as you can get. Since you likely have the closest relationship with the accused, you can share details that may explain why the defendant was able to commit the offence.

It is not an easy task as a good reference must comply with the relevant legal formalities and also paint a succinct and favourable impression of the defendant without sounding like every other reference. Character references can be from any one who has something positive or useful to say.

Character Reference Letter For Sentencing

Do not suggest what penalty they should get. I have worked here since finishing college and now oversee all aspects of the operation, including hiring and evaluating employees. Letters are typically written by friends, relatives, clergy, employers, community leaders or persons that can attest to the character of the person in question.

More references can be obtained for a District Court sentence. Do they do any voluntary work? The old saying that a judge has never read a bad character reference often rings true and for this reason a degree of thought and strategy needs to be given to the particular character reference that you decided to tender to the court as a part of your overall case.

Essential Tips for a Character Reference 1. It is my understanding that you are the lead prosecutor in People v. He is excellent with the customers, always able to get his work done in a timely manner while being friendly and courteous. State your relationship with the defendant and how long you have known him.

But the end of the day these personal contact details reveal that the referee is making themselves readily available to be contacted by the Court in order to confirm or validate the statements made in the character reference.

Write a sentence or two explaining how you know the person and for how long. An example being you might be focusing on their sickness whereas the lawyer wants you to focus on their attempts to get work.

Is the defendant valuable to the people in the community? He constantly helps my son out in many ways and so I have had regular contact with him. For example a person ought to never make statements about professional or expert evidence and offer details that must be reserved for a specialist professional, such as medical, psychological or pharmacological evidence.

How do you personally find the defendant? In fact, a well-written and detailed character reference may impact upon the final decision that is made and ultimately, the penalty that is handed down.

This person must be able to provide details that support the issues presented by your defence lawyer before a judge. Their accounts are always given great consideration by magistrates especially given that they can provide a deeper insight into the accused — something that even exceptional lawyers may not be as effectively able to convey.

Specific examples of community involvement, church activity and evidence of good character or deeds should be included. What do you truly think of the defendant?

Show that you are aware of the offence the defendant is pleading guilty to. He willingly covers shifts for other employees when asked. Do not fabricate attributes in your statement. Remember the Judge does not know the defendant and they rely on the lawyers and documents, such as character references, to explain who they are.

Is it is a driving charge and they will lose their job if they lose their licence? It is very hard for most drivers to lose their licence.Character reference letters are used by judges to give insight into the personal character of defendants appearing in court.

Letters are typically written by friends, relatives, clergy, employers, community leaders or persons that can attest to the character of the person in question.

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If your sibling decides to plead guilty or has been found guilty of committing a crime, a character reference letter will be extremely important to the case.

Character Reference Letter For Court

Write the character letter directly to the judge overseeing your sibling’s case. The point is to persuade the judge that your sibling. A well written character reference can hold a significant degree of weight in providing the Court and the presiding Magistrate or Judge an insight into the person that you actually are outside of the particular court proceedings.

The magistrate or judge will read the character reference before deciding what penalty to give. The reference will be more helpful if you have known the person for a long time or you have had lots of contact with them. You must also be of good character and not have been in serious trouble with the police before.

Bad Character Reference Letters. Before thinking about a strategy on character reference letters, I encourage readers to watch the excerpt from the interview I conducted with Judge Bennett.

He tells a story about the wife of a defendant who sent out a template on ideal character reference letters.

Writing a character reference to the judge
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