Workplace bullying literature review

The purpose of this literature review is to offer an overview of the antecedents and effects of conflict among health care workers. The pregnant patient must be processed expeditiously given that her symptoms could potentially be life threatening.

In its Guidelines for preventing workplace violence for healthcare and social services workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration organization recommends all hospitals perform a program evaluation which focuses on reviewing their safety and security measures.

There are a number of services available to people who are feeling depressed, stressed or anxious. They categorized their findings into 4 main categories which were: Doctor-nurse behavior problems impact patient care.

This includes soft restraint and bed rails. The advancement of the nursing field creates inter-professional conflict between nurses and physicians who are unwilling to accept the evolution of the nurse practitioner profession.

Managing by threat and intimidation Stealing credit and taking unfair advantage Preventing access to opportunities Downgrading an employee's capabilities to justify downsizing Impulsive destructive behaviour According to Hoel and Coopercommon abusive workplace behaviours are: Applied Behavioral Science Review, 4 1 Debrief the patient and staff.

Dynamics of Conflict Conflict is a complex behavior. Employers must provide a mechanism for RNs to seek support when feeling threatened Employers also have a responsibility to inform employees about available strategies for conflict resolution and respectful communication.

Bullying and Workplace bullying Bullying is the longstanding violence, physical or psychological, conducted by an individual or group and directed against an individual who is not able to defend himself in the actual situation, with a conscious desire to hurt, threaten, or frighten that individual or put him under stress.

Journal Of Nursing Management, 13 3 Used the " silent treatment " to "ice out" and separate from others 64 percent.

Overly stressed or distressed employees may be less able to perform optimally and can impact the quality of service overall.

However, compromise was found to be the most prominent style of choice among doctors and nurses working in five Israeli hospitals, whereas a qualitative study done in a Norwegian hospital determined that physicians and nurses used avoidance, compromise, and dominating styles depending on the contextual factors of perceived interrelationship between the members, and the urgency of taking action regarding the situation Leever et al.

Part of any complex organization is change. Keeping abreast of new strategies available to prevent and respond to violence in the healthcare and social service fields as they develop. Overwork, such as setting impossible deadlines and making unnecessary disruptions Destabilizationfor example, setting meaningless tasks, not giving credit where credit is due, removal from positions of authority.

Workplace bullying

Resources to help implement a psychosocial risk management approach and evaluate the effectiveness of chosen interventions.Workplace bullying remains a serious problem in many Australian workplaces, costing individuals and organisations in poor productivity, absenteeism and mental stress.

Panellists Commissioner Peter Hampton, Bernadette Nicol-Butler and Dr Michelle Tuckey explore how to design a bully-free workplace, focusing on prevention and early intervention. Jul 04,  · Work-related mental health conditions (also known as psychological injuries) have become a major concern in Australian workplaces due to the negative impact on individual employees, and the costs associated with the long periods away from work that are typical of these claims.

50 ADmInIsTrATIvE ThEory & PrAxIs v vol. 32, no. 1 A central premise of this article is that workplace bullying (also referred to as “mobbing” in some literature) represents acts of workplace aggression—efforts. Citation. C M Patton.

Emotional Abuse of Women by their Intimate Partners: A Literature Review

Conflict in Health Care: A Literature Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration. Volume 9 Number 1. Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace: Developments in Theory, Research, and Practice, Second Edition [Stale Einarsen, Helge Hoel, Dieter Zapf, Cary Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Workplace bullying

Previously titled Bullying and Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: International Perspectives in Research and Practice. Research on workplace bullying, which has just recently passed the 20 year mark, has grown significantly over this duration of provide an extensive review of the extant literature, with a focus on the antecedents and consequences of workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying literature review
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