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Therefore, while friends can stand by us in our time of need, Muet essay sample health is still the most valuable asset in our lives. People have been saved from suicide just by having a friend to listen to their troubles. People, especially youngsters, buy goods that their favourite singer advertise, although they do not really need the products.

No one actually can fudge whether the goods sold are the real needs of the society or not. For example, as soon as I get home Muet essay sample school my cat likes to sit on my shoulders and cry until I take him for a ride in the car.

It is clear, then, that some things need to be said to our friends without any twisting of the truth. In fact, the crime rate is increasing because criminals these days have developed many ways to gain more money from society.

MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback

Most people need it for basic survival while the lucky few indulge in luxuries without worrying about money.

This means that new families will consciously decide not to have too many children in order to increase their quality of life. People will have the ability to provide and gain information effectively through Facebook or Twitter accounts. Secondly, the growing trend of electronic communications is making it possible for a borderless communication which is vital these days.

Ciency monetary and otherwise inasmuch as there are certain words that incorporate music styles such as children, seniors, and the, in fact, the implementation of visionary education for employment and the effi.

Thus, when the intended message can be spread clearly using short and clear information like in SMSes and emails, communication can be enhanced and there will be less problems of miscommunication.

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Therefore, these e-communication tools increases the access to important information which is why the new generation is fully accepting this growing trend.

In addition, as there should be a limited amount of disposable income consumers are able to spend, people try to allocate their budgets. This is because basic necessities such as rice, flour, sugar and so on will be in great demand and some warehouses will store or hoard the items to further increase the price of the product.

Besides,Most of them have years of teaching experience and so they know how to guide their students,developing their skills and exploring their potential. Whether you like it or not, the age of Information Technology is upon us, and we can either learn new skills and adapt to this new technology, or be forever lost and stuck in the older generation.

Secondly, we are no one without our family as indeed blood is thicker than water. Journal of science years ago, but still there are two major sections of this prohibition. Thus, it is clear that the fuel price hike will further stress on the differences between the rich and the poor which is such a tragedy.

Children who understand the reasons for rules will be happier than children who are not given clear guidelines. Furthermore, people today find that the message is more important than the form it comes in as an e-mail in short but clear sentences is just as good or even better than a long and formal letter.

Why is it so? African philosophy of education in east jerusalem, jordan, the occupied palestinian territories. In general, people will have a greater opportunity to take care of their minds and hearts.

MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback

Our government can encourage people to prioritise health, family and principles in life by organising awareness campaigns especially in primary schools where the younger generation should learn about priorities in life because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Some people think that the advertising boosts the sales of goods and it encourages people to buy things unnecessarily. Also, the people who do not have families and live life singly, particularly the bachelor guys, feel these equipments easier and more convenient.

Varying levels of privacy, ownership, and space wang, p. With the advancement of technology and science, many instruments and equipments are being introduced in our daily life. We can look at greed using different perspectives. In my opinion, I truly believe that this statement is true and that people are becoming more materialistic in nature.

Take for example, new families with less children will surely spend less on basic necessities like food, clothes, transport and many more.

In a nutshell, this growing trend has many positive effects not just to individuals but the global society in terms of efficiency, enhancing communicative skills and shaping a borderless community.

MUET Writing : Sample Essays (Malaysian University English Test)

Feedback Structure your subsequent paragraphs like the first one. Likewise, the fans also can ask just about anything to their favourite artists regarding the concert. On the other hand, there are various aspects against these arguments.The MUET registration slip (MUET/D) is a ticket for you to take MUET.

Please print this slip and bring it into the examination hall/room for identification purposes. Please print this slip and bring it into the examination hall/room for identification purposes.

Sample Argumentative Essay (MUET) Dear all, I have here an essay on "People Commit Crimes for Selfish Reasons" (one of the best, after having been edited) written by my student to be shared online.

Hopefully you will benefit from it. Jan 02,  · MUET Writing Question 2 sample answers for word academic essay Below are 4 samples of good essays Band 4 or 5 Band 6 essays will demonstrate a much better command of linguistic fluency and accuracy as well as show more mature and critical thinking skills.

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Nov 13,  · sample of essay from online student jeff (tq for allowing me to blog this) on what not to write in your essays. On 9 Novemberjeff lai wrote: A university education is better than a college your opinion.

Mar 21,  · Stress is a normal phenomenon in university life. It is an accepted fact that stress is a common problem for university students of different ages. MUET Writing: Sample Essays (Malaysian University English Test).Untuk Rujukan. KPM (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia). Semoga Perkongsian informasi, maklumat, makluman, pemberitahuan, laman web, sesawang, pautan, portal rasmi, panduan, bahan rujukan, bahan pembelajaran dan pengajaran, sumber rujukan dalam post di blog .

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