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Identifies the primary issues needing improvement in a concise and approachable manner. A lighter developmental edit that also identifies issues with voice and style.

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Whether you need a full novel edit or just an hour of mentoring, I'd love to work with you! Together we will give your novel its best chance at traditional or self-publishing success.

This syntax is borrowed from the Unix editing tools 'ed' and 'sed', but is widely recognized by non-Unix hackers as well.

In a formula, '*' signifies multiplication but two asterisks in a row are a shorthand for exponentiation (this derives from FORTRAN). If Microsoft or another manufacturer asks you to make adjustments to some of the security policies or internal services that run when your computer is started, or if you’re advised to check the performance of your computer’s services, this is the place to go.

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For more details, check the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I am a full time content, developmental, and line editor at my own company, Keytop Inc. I work with aspiring and established authors, including self publishing authors and those seeking agents and Title: Novel Editor at Keytop, Inc.

Keytop services novel editing services
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