Close reading of a poem

His halting, hesitant, breathless style is immediately recognizable, and it presents writers with new ideas about meaning, purely through lineation.

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But the old clock might be viewed as a metaphor for poetry itself: I remember going over there and he decided he would scramble us some eggs. Do you notice lots of material or immaterial things nouns or lots of action verbs?

Close reading

Is the word order or sentence structure syntax unusual in any way, and what is the effect of this? In other words, what is the point? What form, if any, does the poem take?

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What does it tell you about the poem that follows? Others say that no text exists in a vacuum. As she scrambled over rocks behind the beach, near the artichoke fields that separate the shore from the coast highway, she found a large smear of graffiti painted on the rocks, proclaiming "La Raza," a Chicano political slogan meaning "the struggle.

At the end of class, at the end of the day, we want revelation, a glimpse of the skyline through the lifting fog. Close reading is a process of finding as much information as you can in order form to as many questions as you can.

We have to cultivate a new mindset, a new practice of enjoying the inconclusive. We wish the poem to be object so we can possess it through our "seeing" its internal workings. Does the specific language of the text highlight, or redirect, certain ideas? This is when a character in a book acts in a way that is unexpected.

But such a task is to some degree impossible, and most people want clarity. In it she recommends teaching six "signposts" to help aid students in deep reading comprehension. What role does punctuation have in the poem? Such images are eye-catching and memorable because they are unusual and make us think about one or both of the images in a different way.

There is dissonance between the spider and its descriptors, i. Some recall Brautigan pitching in, as well. Were you touched by this poem? Are the ideas of the poem simple or complex, small or large?

This caused lots of discussion and prompted us to look at a map to see where Sweden was located. Richard was there; it was probably him that made the connection with that group for us.

We have been married ten years and have three amazing children. The intricacy of the rhyme leaves "sustenance" as unrhymed, underscoring that "White Sustenance" does not nourish.

How to Read a Poem

If you are reading something longer, are there certain words that come up again and again?Shakespeare's Treatment of Love "For heights of poetic metaphysic we do not look in Shakespeare.

He is one of the greatest of poets, and his poetry has less almost than any other the semblance of myth and dream; its staple is the humanity we know, its basis the ground we tread; what we call the prose world, far from being excluded, is genially. A moment of happiness.

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How to Read a Poem

Students practice close reading and working in groups while answering text-dependent questions. Close Reading of a Poem ON THE AMTRAK FROM BOSTON TO NEW YORK CITY: BY SHERMAN ALEXIE On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City is an emotionally provocative poem by the Native American Indian writer, Sherman Alexie.

Close Reading of a Poem Maria Clinton ENG May 31, Tiffany Griffin-Minor Close Reading of a Poem ON THE AMTRAK FROM BOSTON TO NEW YORK CITY: BY SHERMAN ALEXIE On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City is an emotionally provocative poem .

Close reading of a poem
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