Biopolymers in medical field

A recent innovation has been an extension to the range of gel formulations available -there are now six gels. If as a device manufacturer you want to substitute one product or process for another, it has to be done very carefully. For this reason, they are considered as not bio available.

C Anand and S. The solution is too thick viscous to be filtered and must be diluted with a very large quantity of water. Structure of Branan Ferulate 3.

Natural polymers such as alginate, chitin, starch, keratin or biosynthesised cellulose can also have applications. Furthermore, developments in nanodrug delivery, gene therapy, and tissue engineering are described. Normally SA polymers are not used alone but are combined with other materials to form a component capable of absorbing liquids.

However, alginate fiber generates a moist healing environment and, since it has become one of the most important materials for wound dressing.

Biopolymers often have a well defined structure, though this is not a defining characteristic example: They can be linear or branched and they might be substituted with different types of organic groups, such as methyl and acetyl groups.

Biopolymers are macromolecules produced by living systems, such as proteins, polypeptides, nucleic acids, and polysaccharides. It is about isolating compounds and looking at how they react with normal organisms.

Circle of life – the return of biopolymers

When alginate absorbs exudates from a wound a jelly like material is formed and a most environment created during the course of healing. But there also needs to be recognition that not everything is good to be implanted; you do have to be selective. Benicewicz, Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers.

Biopolymers in the Medical Field

Collagenase, is an enzymatic debriding agent derived from Clostridium histolyticum belonging to the metallopeptidase family. SA fibres have a number of advantages over SA polymers in particulate form notably their high surface area, fast absorption rate, flexible handle and the ease with which soft products can be formed into different shapes to fit the surface of the wound or body.

Chemically, alginate is a polymeric acid, composed of two monomer units i L-guluronicacid G ii D- mannuronic acid M The number and sequence of the mannuronate and glucuronate residues shown above vary in the naturally occurring alginate.

As Dr Joachim Storsberg, head of the Department for Medical Polymers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Potsdam in Germany, explains, if you go back to ancient healing remedies such as applying spider webs to wounds, you are, in effect, talking about the use of biopolymers. Her investigations eventually turned to the design and preparation of various types of organized and hierarchical inorganic and biological structures templated by self-assembly techniques.

The traditional suturing materials require to be removed as they are not degradable or easily accepted by body cells. The biopolymer chitosan, which is made from crustacean shells, also has a wide range of uses in the areas of wound healing, delivery agents, and antibacterial and antimicrobial applications.

Synthetic materials 4 www. In particular special properties of various biopolymers were summarized with the various experimental results of different researchers. Similarly in the area of controlled release of drugs, for beneficial effects to occur, biopolymers are being employed in the form of gels which has yielded desirable results.

Biopolymers for Medical Applications

If as a device manufacturer you want to substitute one product or process for another, it has to be done very carefully. This treatment produces roughly twice the stitch-holding time of plain catgut, but greater tissue inflammation occurs.

Cordeiro Editor s Bio Juan M. The exact chemical composition and the sequence in which these units are arranged is called the primary structure, in the case of proteins. In the field of wound healing the traditional, less effective methods are being replaced by the use of biopolymeric scaffolds which Biopolymers in medical field based on naturally occurring hyaluronic acid thus making it highly biocompatible.

The main difference, of course, is that we are now inventing much better devices. It is otherwise similar to plain catgut. But there also needs to be recognition that not everything is good to be implanted; you do have to be selective.

The absorbency of SA fibres is higher than that of SA powders because the fibres have a larger surface area. The colour of the filaments changed from dirty white to pale yellow and finally to a golden colour. Some biopolymers are biodegradable. They are an excellent alternative to chlorinated solutions such as Eusol for desloughing wounds.

There are now a lot of artificial devices that have a heparin coating. These properties can, therefore, be varied in this way according to the requirements of specific medical applications. It is a product of a neutralizing reaction between Alginic acid and caustic soda.

It, therefore, continues to function as a good absorbent medium after the fluid has drained out. Chitosan Chitin is one of the most natural polymers which contain amino sugars.biopolymers in medical field The field of textiles is a huge one whose innumerable branches have reached into and are still reaching into various other fields thus resulting in highly innovative, extremely useful state-of-the-art products.

"Nevertheless, biopolymers is an uncertain field and there is a lot we don't know and a lot of discoveries, probably, still to be made. It is an exciting and innovative field to be in. "It will be necessary for medical device manufacturers to continue to focus on the field of biopolymers that can be used for medical applications.

In the medical field, confidentiality is highly stressed through the use of HIPAA and HITECH. HIPAA has rules and regulations that medical facilities and their employees must follow in order to protect the privacy of their patients (, Inc., ).

Biopolymers in Medical Field. Topics: Wound healing, Surgery, Hyaluronan Pages: 2 ( words) Published: March 1, There is a wide range of application of biopolymers in medicine which include tissue engineering, wound healing, controlled release of drugs, post surgical treatments, etc.

1 2 Biopolymers in Medical Applications By: Senthil S. Kumar* *Department of Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore ABSTRACT The future of fiber technology for medical application depends largely on the future needs of our civilization.

Biopolymer Field 2 copolymers can be produced through a variety of mechanisms. They can be derived from microbial Biopolymers are being devel-oped for use as medical materials, packaging, cosmetics, food additives, clothing fabrics, water treatment chemicals, industrial.

Biopolymers in medical field
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