About pakistan international airline pia management essay

A Tupolev Tu aircraft was also leased briefly in to cope with a surge in passenger traffic during summer Before we discuss why framework approach is importance in commercial relations, we would first like to explain what commercial relation is.

The PIA name plays a very vital role in establishing its brand equity and developing its image in the international world.

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Therefore, PIA must deal disputes very carefully and wisely. He also made major changes in routes and schedules and started non stop flights from Lahore and Islamabad to JFK and Canada.

Before we discuss need for trade union it is important first to really know what trade union is. This will be the final stage for dispute resolution and the Executive or panel of Directors must carefully take decision according to the prevailing situation.

About Pakistan International Airline Pia Management Essay

The state owned PIAC establish in to conduct the domestic as well international operations. With the cancellation of the fleet modernization program, PIA now had to move fast to ensure compliance with FAA safety mandates, or face being locked out of some of its most profitable gates.

Armstrong, In short trade unions have two specific functions, to protect their members through collective bargaining, better conditions and conditions, and to support and counsel to their members as individual employees.

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The unitary perspective also targets the role of managers in reaching win-win situations for employees and organizations, wherein their interests can be properly associated with each other Managers are forced to go beyond their managerial styles of managing employee relations and targets their leadership capabilities and if indeed they can be persuasive and prominent leaders in the organization, there will be no strong demand for trade unions.

To increase revenue, the Prime Minister of Pakistan approved a fleet modernisation, consisting of twenty new-generation narrow-body aircraft; four Boeing ERs and four ATR turboprops. Importance of framework approach in commercial relations: Management We must selectd Pakistan International Airlines for our report.

Pakistan International Airlines

PIA has the undermentioned fleet: PIA was a direct beneficiary of the increased visa allocation. Catering units starting with Karachi Flight Kitchenground handling starting with ramp services and engineering, are to be gradually carved out of the airline and operated as independent companies.

Dawn News, The problem was later resolved by federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik by meeting with the employee's association leader Suhail Baluch. Even if the management of PIA is right, we will still not try provide a chance to disputes since it badly effects not only the business enterprise but it also dissatisfy customers because as a result of dispute customers might not exactly be served with in the scheduled time.

Member services Voice in decisions affecting employees Negotiation The roles of the trade union mentioned previously are briefly explained earlier inside our report. After the French Revolution, employees in the mining industry created a labor association as the revolution had beaten logic of collectivism in the masses.

SabreGalileo and Amadeus. That is also one of the characteristic of unitary perspective.

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Collective disputes are further split into two sub-types which are: Because of this we would like to provide them with a little extra incentives because they're working extra hours.

The main objective of Pakistan International Airlines is to provide better service to retain its customers and hence increase its profitability. Seventh, the state of hawaii is autonomous and forms industrial relations systems IR.

When members are in union their problems are given more importance because they are all united of course, if their problems are not solved will result into different varieties of strikes from the members which will negatively affect PIA, as a few of the dispute and their drawbacks are mentioned earlier.

It may also involve collective agreements and mutual employee relations like works councils etc. With representatives of FAI Federation Aeronautique International on board to supervise the official timings, PIA completed the flight in 6 hours, 43 proceedingss, 51 seconds, a record which remains unbroken to this twenty-four hours.

Reporting time for passengers with baggage is at least 1 hour and 20 minutes and for passengers without baggage is 45 minutes. The approach that PIA adopted to solve this was also wrong because we believe at first they didn't give any serious importance to this issues and probably adopted "I win-you lose" approach.

Inthe air hose took on the gigantic undertaking of originating a cross-Atlantic service from Karachi to New York. ACI believed that if any other vendor were selected, the added regulatory certification costs and delays would be prohibitively expensive.

PIA spokesman Mashhood Tajwar said 33 flights were canceled.

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That is all due to proper framework, when there is no proper framework in professional relations then, both employees and employers might not exactly have the ability to resolve any issue.About Pakistan International Airline (PIA): Pakistan International Airlines usually better known as PIA can sketch its beginning to the days when Pakistan had not yet achieved independence from the British Raj and is a public sector venture of Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines generally known as PIA or Pakistan International, is the national flag carrier and a state-owned enterprise of the Government of lietuvosstumbrai.com regarded as Asia's best airline and later banned by the EU, it is headquartered at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and operates scheduled services to 24 domestic.

Pakistan International Airline Corporation (PIAC), commonly known as PIA, is the National Airline of Pakistan. PIAC is one of the largest semis-governmental organizations of Pakistan operating since Pakistan International Airlines (also known as PIA), is the national flag carrier of Pakistan and the National airline of the country operating passenger and cargo services around the world.

Its main hubs are Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and the Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) - lietuvosstumbrai.com Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the public sector airline, though facing the competition from a few private airlines, carries approximately 70 percent of domestic .

About pakistan international airline pia management essay
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